Wall prints and wallpapers 

I create beautiful customized wall prints based on pictures provided by you or can make one especially for you based on your ideas. 
Price per hour: 90 € incl. VAT.
Quotations are made in advance with an estimate of the hours.

Now 25% discount for the whole assortiment in September 2022!


Please contact me to make an appointment or to request a free quotation: 0621394767; 
Pricing for wallpapers (excl. VAT):
From 5 to 20m2  € 25 per m2 
From 20 to 35m2  € 22,50 per m2
From 35 m2  € 21 per m2 
Pasting (standart) 10 € per m2 
Pasting with pattern in corners 15 € per m2
Travel expenses 0,45 € per km,  from the factory in Wouw, the Netherlands, to the client and back.
Please contact me for more information.