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My name is Dina Furrer. I am a photographer and photo artist based in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
I was only twelve when I happened to join our family friend for his photo shoot in the countryside. I remember how inspired I was by the beautiful nature around me and how amazed I was by the fact that you could just capture all this beauty with your camera. That was the day I decided that I wanted to go further with photography. At the age of fifteen, I got my first Canon eos5 analogue camera as a birthday present and I used it up until I was twenty five.
After my graduation from the Photo Academy in 2011, I received further training in the field of Fine Art photography. It was then I started my professional journey into the diverse  world of photography which still brings me so much enjoyment! At the moment I do lot of fine art photography and sell wall decor and wallpapers based on my artworks. I also do corporate and private photography. Please see below for more information about what I do. 


Fine art photography 
In the past I got a lot of inspiration for my art photography projects from Irving Penn. These days my inspiration comes mainly from within myself, nature and life around me. Depending on the theme and purpose, I add some artistic elements to the photos that enhance their visual effect or convey a message. I like taking pictures of my flower arrangements and adding some special elements to them, for example, exotic animals. I like creating interesting and original compositions for my photo shoots and enjoy experimenting with colours. 
Wall art
I sell a wide range of wall decor, all based on my artworks. Wall decoration is often that finishing touch for your perfect interior! Not only will they look good on the walls of the stylish living room of your house, but also in your workplace, brightening up your small business or above the reception of your office.
My art photos are printed on a unique material where the image is seen in the best possible way to fit your interior.
Interested? My wall decorations are available:
Online in my webshop (almost all artworks);            In my showroom (some artworks);        In LOODS5 (some artworks) via their webshop
On the online art platforms Artsy and Artsper.
In Grachten Galerie (some artworks) Oudegracht, 185 3511 NE Utrecht, the Netherlands.
In Monat Gallery  Calle de los Estudos 7, 280012, Madrid, Spain.
Wall prints 
I also create customized wall prints and wallpapers based on pictures provided by you or can make one especially for you based on your ideas. 
Corporate photography
I can help your company and in many ways. I offer portrait, event and product photography.  I will be happy to make some beautiful art photos for your company to decorate the walls of your office or create photo wallpapers, for example with products that your company makes or perhaps a corporate logo. There is more room for creativity in corporate photography than you think!
 I also make beautiful portraits and love stories in my own studio in Tilburg. I will happily help you capture beautiful moments of your pregnancy or maybe a cozy family walk. Likewise, if you just want some high quality pictures of yourself, your newborn baby or a birthday party of your child! To find more information about family photo shoots and to see my portfolio please follow this link
April 2023 - Grachten Galerie Utrecht
May 2023 - Monat Madrid Spain - Interview
May 2023 - Blue Bird - Jakunst
May 2023 - Peonies, le bouquet - Bruist Tilburg Reeshof
Dec. 2022 - Bloemen, Vlinders en... 50VitaalPlus 
August 2022 - Monat Madrid Spain - gallery
July 2022 - RTL 4 TV Channel Plezier en Passie.
Feb. 2022 - Aesthetica, the Art and Culture magazine February/March 2022 edition (Issue 105).
Nov. 2021 - Art Guide edition Fall 2021, Kunstgids/Artists.
Oct. 2021 -  In de Buurt Tilburg, Ze is de Van Gogh onder de fotografen.
August 2021 - TON Gallery Rucphen


June 24-25 2023 - Landelijke atelier weekend -
June 3 2023 - Solo Exhibition of projects Dina Furrer&Dina van Vlimmeren, Tilburg. 
March 2023 - April 2023, Madrid, Spain
March 2023 - Brabant Art Fair, Tilburg, the Netherlands
February 2023 - Art Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
October 27 - October 30, 2022 - International Contemporary Art Fair, Innsbruck, Austria.
September 30 - October 2, 2022 – EuropArtFair, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
May 2022 -  International Contemporary Art exhibition Liquid Arsenal, Milan, Italy.
April 2022 - Art Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
October-December 2021 - Gallery TON, H2O Theme exhibition, Ruchpen, the Netherlands.
2019 - RAI Amsterdam VTwonen & designbeurs, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Feel free to make an appointment and visit my studio and showroom to see my artworks: Ketelhavenplein 39, Tilburg.